Welcome to Colorado Diamonds and Design

CAD Rendering - Perspective View

Colorado Diamonds and Design is a unique presence in the world of on line diamond stores. Not only do we have a "brick and mortar" location that has been in continuous operation for over 30 years, but we are also award winning custom designers where you can create the ring of your dreams for a fraction of the retail price. All of our diamonds are exceptional cuts with maxium brilliance and they are priced below the published wholesale dealer's list prices. That alone makes us stand out from the crowd and allows you to choose a beautiful, certified diamond for the same price as a dealer would pay.

Unlike other on line sites that ask you to choose your perfect diamond out of hundreds, with Colorado Diamonds and Design, you get personal service and one-on-one advice from a wholesale diamond consultant with decades of experience. We don't let you make a "blind item purchase." When you select a diamond, your personal broker will look at that stone, and perhaps a dozen others, and will tell you more than just color and clarity—you will also be told which one has the most intense brilliance, fire, and scintillation, and which one is the best buy (or the deepest wholesale discount.) Few, if any, on-line stores offer that option, but it is the norm for us. Our goal is simple: if we care enough to give you our best professional advice, not only will you buy a gem-quality diamond of unparalleled value and beauty, but you will also become a life-long customer who refers friends and family.

CAD Rendering - Perspective View

That same personal care goes into the ring and wedding set design process. When you contact us, one of our jewelers will ask you for any pictures or ideas you may have and email you some similar designs we have created. Then, once we understand your concept, our CAD jeweler will create an artist's rendering that is a realistic picture of the ring. This picture, when you approve it, becomes the model that we use to manufacture the ring you have chosen. All the rings you see in stores are made using this same process, except they are made by the thousands. We never mold our rings for the mass market. Each one is made from a wax model of the rendering, exclusively for you.

Email or call us with your diamond and ring requirements, and see how much less the finest certified diamonds and custom rings can cost. Plus, with Colorado Diamonds and Design, you will definitely understand what a difference personal service can make.

Thank you for choosing quality below the wholesale price.

The Staff and Designers at Colorado Diamonds and Design.