Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from you?

Price, Service, Selection and Speed are the main factors for our clients. We do not keep a large inventory. This is one way to keep the mark up low, so that we do not have any interest to push you towards a particular diamond in our safes. We have inventory around the world. If a company keeps a large inventory, they have to sell you from that inventory, and this is not necessarily what you really want. A jewelry store has one or two suppliers, and you can choose only from their very limited inventory. They will always push you to what they have, rather than give you the opportunity to see what is available.

We negotiate with the manufacturer the best price for you. No Shop or Diamond Merchant can or will do that. We don�t have to charge for an expensive location in an expensive area. We will not charge for millions of dollars that we invested in our stock. We will not charge for staff expenses. Our staff gets paid only if they close a deal. This is the reason we can give you the best diamond prices in North America. And last but not least: We have over 25 years of experience and product knowledge.

Why should I buy an unset Diamond, rather than a finished product?

If the diamond is 0.50 carat and larger, you most probably invest in the diamond and not in the ring, earring etc. The price for the setting is not relevant in comparison to the stone. You want the best stone possible for your money. How can you check that out? By having the diamond examined by an independent gemologist, looking at the stone from all sides and through all facets. It is quite easy to hide inclusions etc. in the setting. By the way, never consult an appraiser (Gemologist) that was recommended to you, by the company you purchase the diamond from. Always choose yourself! After the diamond is examined and verified, any jeweler or designer, will be more than happy to set the stone in a setting of your choice, or produce a custom made piece.